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Why choose Tronsmart 

Consistent Cutting-Edge Product Design

Whether innovating our TV Box or Quick Charge product lines, Tronsmart is continually focused on bringing the latest in technology to market.

Industry leading marketing support

Access to the industry’s most powerful media resources around the world, we provide localized marketing plans for our retailer and distributor partners across the globe.

Strict Quality Control System

7 step quality control protocol, including every detail from before the production takes place, to the storage of our devices, all the way to the shipping methods and delivery to our end-customers.

Customized Service for our Partners

Based on our deep understanding of the electronics and manufacturing industry, we can offer customized service and support for our network of retail & distributor partners. This allows those that better know their local markets to benefit from their business model quicker than ever.

People trust us 

  • Tronsmart, with their breadth and depth of certified Qualcomm Quick Charge products, has been a great catalyst for growing the Quick Charge market.
    Geoff Gordon
    Staff Manager, Product Marketing, Qualcomm
  • Tronsmart is one company with a long history of providing peripherals for smartphones. Tronsmart’s Presto stands out from the hundreds of portable chargers on the market because not only is it Qualcomm certified — Tronsmart’s website actually has a copy of the certification to prove it — it also has a bi-directional USB-C port.
    Ben Sin
    Editor, Forbes
  • Tronsmart is another big name in the charging world and has also been touch with PC Advisor to draw our attention to some of its first Quick Charge 3.0-compatible accessories. Our favourite so far is the Tronsmart U5PTA desktop charger, which allows you to fast-charge five devices from a single wall outlet, and one of those five outputs has support for Quick Charge 3.0.
    Marie Brewis
    Group Managing Editor, PC Advisor
  • Tronsmart is a company who has really embraced Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology. Launching all sorts of Quick Charge 2.0 products – including car chargers, wall chargers and now USB Hubs – and already have a few Quick Charge 3.0 products available. Tronsmart’s products have been pretty high-end, for the models we’ve reviewed already. Definitely a great company for having premium chargers, but not premium prices.
    Alexander Maxham
    Section Editor, Androidheadlines
  • My first Tronsmart product ever was the TITAN and boy was I impressed. The sturdy build quality and excellent charging performance made me a hardcore fan of their products. I now own quite a few of them. If you are looking for any accessory for your apple or android product, Tronsmart has got your back. I have used various products in the past but none of them comes close to tronsmart. Since then, Tronsmart to me has always been a synonym to quality, reliability and performance.
    Sahil Tiwari
    Happy Customer
  • Fantastic accessories for your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Whether you need a new pair of headphone, a mobile usb power bank, car charger for your phone or tablet or just a spare usb or lightning cable will not be disappointed!
    Nick Thorp
    Happy Customer

Since 2013, we have enjoyed great product achievements and gained market share worldwide. We are looking for like-minded business partners interested in joining us to share in the success and growth opportunities that the future offers!