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Tronsmart Unveils the Halo 200 Party Speaker

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The Ultimate Sound Experience for Every Occasion

China - Tronsmart, a leading provider of innovative audio solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of the highly anticipated Halo 200 Karaoke Party Speaker. This powerful and feature-rich speaker is designed to elevate your entertainment experience, whether at a yard party, indoor dance party, pool party, or even camping.

At its very core, the Halo 200 Karaoke Party Speaker is built to impress, delivering an overwhelming sound experience for partygoers.  Imagine hosting the party of the year and wowing your guests with a 3-way sound system that delivers expansive soundstage with distortion-less audio, while 120W sound blasts incredible sound – loud enough to rattle the neighbors!  You can even sync up to 100+ speakers(TuneConn) and pair 2 speakers via TWS pairing for ultimate party sound. What’s even better is that the party can go on all night thanks to the Halo 200’s whopping 18 hours of portable playtime. 

One of the most impressive features is that Halo 200 boasts 5 various lighting modes to add a vibrant visual element to any gathering. In just a few clicks, you can create an energetic dance floor or a relaxed ambiance with unique lighting show that will bring any party to life. Moreover, Tronsmart App allows you to personalize your light show and EQ preferences to tailor your preference.

Experience superior sound quality and versatile connectivity with Halo 200 Karaoke Speaker. Featuring a dual-play feature, you can easily switch between AC Plug and Battery modes to satisfy your needs. When it comes to power, Halo 200 has got you covered - enjoy up to 18 hours of uninterrupted playtime, making it perfect for all-night parties or outdoor adventures.

With 3 versions available, the Halo 200 is the perfect match for all your entertainment needs. With both wireless and wired microphone compatibility, you can easily host parties and sing along with your friends. Additionally, the guitar input allows you to record and play your favorite tunes. Whether you're looking for a standard version or a karaoke version, Halo 200 party speaker can accommodate your preferences.

Overall, Halo 200 is absolutely a worth-buying speaker at around $200, which is an excellent choice for anyone looking for decent audio. Now it's available on Tronsmart official website with 3 versions, standard version, mono-mic version and dual-mic version, price ranging from $169.99 to $229.99. Other platforms will be available in July 2023.


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