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Element Force Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element Force Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element Force Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element Force Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element Force Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element Force Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element Force Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element Force Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element Force Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element Force Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element Force Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element Force Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element Force Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element Force Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element Force Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Altavoz Portátil Resistente al agua SoundPulse® de Element Force

43 Reviews 
  • Clasificación IPX7.
  • Bajos más Profundos.
  • Potente Salida de 40 W.
  • Emparejamiento Estéreo.
  • Efectos de Ecualización de Triple Bajo.

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Durable. Portable. Powerful.
Force wireless speaker delivers powerful sound with extra bass in a compact form factor. Featuring an excellent IPX7 waterproof rating, it can be totally submerged in water for up to 30 minutes.
The Best-rated BT Speakers on Amazon
“Tronsmart Element Force BT Speaker: The USB-C-charged speaker you can THROW in the pool.”
“The Tronsmart Force is a great portable speaker built for the outdoors with IPX7 water- and dust proofing and a shock-resistant design, but that doesn’t mean it sacrifices on smarts or audio quality with BT 5.0 and an impressive 40W output.”
"If you want a perfect bass sound, the Element Force would be hard to beat."
"One of the Best BT Speakers 2019"
Give Your Party an Extra Boost with SoundPulse®
SoundPulse® technology delivers a 40W max output making the bass deeper, and vocals more define.
Learn More
Party Harder with 40W Max of Powerful Bass
Dual passive radiators work together with two 20W full-range stereo loudspeakers to enhance low-end tones, giving the bass a boost, despite the compact size.
Best Companion for Pool & Beach
Silicon-covered exterior with IPX7 waterproof, take the speaker to the beach or the pool without worrying about spills or even submerging it in the water. Force is also drop & dust resistant.
BT 5.01
BT 5.0 offers the latest connectivity option for more stable connection & better range.
True Wireless Stereo
Connect two Force speakers for a room-filling stereo sound to get a live music experience.
15 Hours of Playtime
Stay powered and pumping tunes for 15 hours on a single charge.
*Tap the power button to activate the voice assistant.
Voice Assistant3
With a simple button tap, you can activate and talk to your device’s Voice Assistant now from the speaker.

  • 3D Stereo

  • Extra Bass

  • Standard
Tri-bass Effects
Hear your music in 3 different equalizer audio modes that can suit any music genre. Select the best sound to fit your mood.
  • One-touch Listening with NFC
    Simply touch your NFC-enabled smartphone to the speaker and get the beats going.
  • Hands-free Calling
    A built-in microphone allows you take hands-free calls.
  • Non-BT Devices
    Built-in 3.5mm aux-in jack provides an alternative for non-BT enabled audio devices.
All features introduced above are BT 5.0 updated version.
1. There are two versions of this product, which are the first edition with BT 4.2 and the updated version with BT 5.0.
2. The BT 5.0 updated version supports the pairing with another updated Element Mega BT Speaker for stereo sound. The first BT 4.2 edition does not support the pairing with Element Mega.
3. The BT 5.0 updated version adds Voice Assistant Activation function. The first BT 4.2 edition does not have this feature.
Element Force
Versión Inalámbrica
Alcance Inalámbrico
18 m/59 Pies (área Abierta)
Potencia de Entrada
5V/3A a Través del Puerto Tipo C
Potencia de Salida
Clasificación del IP
Tiempo de Reproducción (Variado Según el Nivel de Volumen y el Contenido de Audio)
Hasta 15 Horas (50% del Volumen)
Tiempo de Carga
3 Horas
Rango de Frecuencia
Modos de Juego
Entrada Auxiliar
Tarjeta Micro SD/TF
Otras Características
Emparejamiento Estéreo
Dimensión del Producto
204 x 64 x 80mm / 8.03 x 2.51 x 3.14inch
Peso del Producto
Dimensión del Paquete
234 x 122 x 70mm / 9.21 x 4.80 x 2.75inch
Peso del Paquete
Contenidos del Paquete
1 x Altavoz Portátil Element Force
1 x Cable de Carga Tipo C
1 x Cable Auxiliar de 3,5 mm
1 x Tarjeta de Garantía
1 x Manual del Usuario
Baños Cámping Equitación Senderismo


Sound on point!

I really love this speaker and how sleek it is. It comes in a very nice package and the device itself is not very heavy. I really like that there was no problems pairing my phone (android) and I was listening to music in a matter of seconds. The sound quality includes some nice bass compared to an old Bluetooth speaker I have (UE Boom). Compared to the UE boom it does not offer that 360 directional sound, but I feel like it makes up for that in bass which the UE boom lacks a bit of. This speaker is capable of connecting two in order to get surround sound which is a great feature. The battery life is also long lasting and I love that it's waterproof too! Overall a very solid product.


Tronsmart portable Bluetooth speaker works great!

This Tronsmart Bluetooth speaker pairs easily. Turn it on and watch your devices pop up! It has a square loop that makes it easy to hang it if you need to. It has a tough rubber outer skin and has a built-in rechargeable battery. I like this as we already go through enough batteries.


Absolute WINNER

HI, from Ukraine. I've got IT already. Sound is perfect for me. Same as quality. If you're not sure, I say: "Buy IT!!!" This is the best speaker! I dream about one more to make TWS...I wish conpany goodluck in new 2020!


Best for me!!!

Hi, from Ukraine. Fortunately i collected money and buy IT. Sound is perfect for me and i dream about one more for TWS. For everyone who is not sure, buy IT!!! I'll be very happy.


Great sturdy looking speaker

This speaker is portable but little heavy to be frank. Since it's heavy, it's very sturdy and build quality is very good. Sound is amazing and you won't complain for the money you pay for. The NFC worked well. Overall, I'm happy for the money I paid to get this speaker.



I am SO impressed with this speaker. First of all, the packaging is awesome - very durable, high quality box. I decided to keep it to store the speaker in. It has a magnetic flap. Silly to comment on the packaging, but it meant something to me. :)
The sound quality is great and arrived charged up and ready to go. Synced with my iphone no problem within 2 minutes of opening the box. I LOVE that it is waterproof - I finally have music/ audiobooks/podcasts to entertain me in the shower and by the pool in the summertime and I won't worry a bit that it will be ruined.
I would totally purchase again!


Monster it big and loud

I bought 90-dollar JBL not even loud as this one this thing it's a monster. I highly recommend this one.


Perfect size

It was the perfect size for my backpack’s cup holder, also volume and sounds are great for outdoor use (I go walk in the park a lot).


Awesome speaker

This speaker is amazing! I have had a couple of Bluetooth speakers but this one by far is the best, the sound quality is also a beast! Can’t wait to take this speaker on some adventures and see how tough it is, how well it holds up!!!!! The buttons I think should be a different color, it was a tad bit hard to notice at first. Other than that it didn’t take away from the product at all. I would definitely recommend to anyone that needs a speaker on the go.


BIG sound!!

Whoa! This little speaker has BIG sound! I have a much more expensive waterproof Bluetooth speaker but prefer this one by far. I can’t express how great the sound is on this little thing. I also like the different options on the speaker itself such as the EQ and play/pause buttons. The battery life seems pretty good so far too.


Clear and loud sound

Decided to buy this one because of the good reviews and I’m not disappointed. The speaker is durable, very solid, great quality, clear sound, battery life is decent.
For the price I have paid I’m totally happy with my purchase! Definitely recommend it.


Surprisingly powerful speaker, sounds great

I was hoping to find something that would work well for outdoor use, since my smaller Bluetooth speaker has trouble filling space without walls enclosing that space.
This speaker fits the bill. It's hefty, solidly built, and sounds great. The bass is excellent, as advertised. Battery life is also really good. No trouble connecting to my iPhone 6s.
I have to say, this is a small thing, but I really appreciated that the name of the speaker as it shows up in my Bluetooth devices menu is actually the name of the speaker (Tronsmart), rather than some confusing random characters like M328. I have several Bluetooth devices that I connect my phone to, and always end up guessing which is which because they all have dumb names like that. With this speaker, I'll never have to guess.
I have not tested the waterproofing of the speaker, and probably will not. I just don't need to have music while I'm in the shower, so waterproof doesn't mean much to me.
My only nitpick is that I wish it came with a USB-C cable for charging. Near as I can tell there's no other way to charge it. I realize USB-C is becoming more and more ubiquitous, but this is my first device that uses USB-C to charge, so I had to buy a cable.


Great sound

I am very pleased with this speaker. Sound is great and it was an easy set up. My husband loves it!


WOW, Thats My best words

This little thing Packs some sound. It's honestly better than my Alexa, by far actually. I am buying another for my shop now. It really packs in the sound for such a small device. And it's water-resistant. Bet this thing is going with me on camping trips.


Great sound quality!

This is the second speaker I have ordered from this brand because I loved the first one so much! I got this one for my office. It works much better than my cheap computer speakers. The sound is crisp even at high volume. It is easy to connect to and has a long range. I can take my phone with me into the adjoining offices and it stays connected. It stays charged for several hours and I haven't had any issues with it yet. I definitely recommend this brand as an alternative to more pricey speakers.


Top notch quality!

The sound quality of this speaker is top quality!!! The charge lasts, was totally impressed with the longevity. Very easy to control. I use with my smartphone and definitely take it with me everywhere. Even parties. Arrived very quickly. Worth every penny! Very pleased.


Speaker for camping and backpacking.

I have few Bluetooth speakers.
This one is dedicated for camping, beach and other outdoor use.
The sound is good. Bass is deep.
I can hear every frequency between 20 Hz and 16000 Hz (I am 43 so I cannot hear any higher).
Speaker has ring which is handy for camping or backpacking.
Battery life is good.
I did not test it in the rain yet, but it looks rugged and sealed enough to handle it.


Portable Bluetooth speaker

I’m very happy with this purchase! I’ve purchased many blue tooth speakers before but this one surpasses all the rest. The sound is great and it delivers great bass. I can take it anywhere I go. I can use it around the house, at parties or at the beach. Nice that it is also waterproof. It lasts about 15 hours once fully charge. I would definitely purchase this again or buy it as a gift.


Awesome speaker!

Bought this speaker as a little gift for myself, and received it just over a week ago. I am really loving this speaker so far! The build quality is nice, as is the sound quality.
The sound is great and has 3 EQ settings. If I remember correctly, the default is the extra bass mode and is indicated by the LED above the EQ button is off. The next one is 3D sound, which is indicated by the EQ LED being blue, then normal mode, which is indicated by the EQ LED being white. I personally love the 3D sound mode on this speaker.
As for water resistance, I have been using this speaker in the shower since the day after I got it, and have had absolutely no issues with it being affected by water. I've placed it on a shelf that is built into the shower wall on the opposite side of the shower head, and handled it with wet hands to either change the EQ mode, or change the volume, and the speaker continued to work as normal.
Pairing with my phone was easy when going into the Bluetooth settings in my phone, and pairing the usual way. I then unpaired it, and tried the NFC pairing, and that went even easier!
The battery life has been great on it, too. I have only charged it when I first got it, and so far still have not had to charge it again, and that's even after using it for a few hours while working on my wife's car yesterday so that I could stream some music while I worked.
Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase. I only have one of these speakers at the moment, but plan on possibly getting another so that I can pair them together :D. I highly recommend this speaker!


Super Heavy Duty and Great for Alexa

I have an older Alexa and I've enjoyed hooking this speaker to it, the sound quality is amazing. The speaker is very heavy duty and I've already dropped it a couple times with no issue. I haven't tried out the waterproof feature yet but I'm sure this will be great for the beach this summer.


Gets Very Loud

Overall a great speaker. Gets very very loud, has a host of features (most of which I never use), and lasts a pretty decent about time on a charge.
Like I mentioned, the sound quality is great. A but muddy, but have only used it in outdoor/pool/BBQ situations, so I guess you don't need that extra level of clarity.
Do wish the build quality was a tad better. It is built rugged to withstand drops and shocks, but still would like it to be a bit better. Can't really complain given the price tag though.


Works very well, Louder and clearer than I expected. Great quali

Works very well. This is louder and clearer than I was expecting for the price. Quick to charge. Definitely worth the price. We haven't had a chance to test the water resistance but it definitely looks durable so I am sure it will be no problem!


Great Sound Quality

This is a great little speaker with really good sound quality. It is small enough where it is easy for me to move around the house. I was able to play for more than 15 hours on 1 charge with no problem. I would recommend this product.



The sound quality is truly great! I got this for my sister and she called to see where I purchased it because her coworker liked it so much, she wanted one as well. Built extremely well too. I wouldn't be afraid to drop this.


Great speaker for the size.

Bought the speaker for one of my husband's gifts for Christmas bc he had large speaker we were carrying around with us & decided to go compact whenever we go camping and fishing. This is a great sounding speaker It’s very clear it has a battery indicator so we know when to charge it. You can touch the screen and turn up the volume I even connected to my laptop with Bluetooth to watch a movie.


This is a must have!

For the price, this is a great speaker! The sound is very loud and clear for its size and it seems to be built very well. The EQ is a huge plus that most Bluetooth speakers don't have, I keep it on 3D sound and it really fills the whole room. Being waterproof is perfect because I use it in the shower a lot!


Best Quality

Very solidly made loudspeaker, high sound quality and bass arrangements. It has a slot for memory cards so you do not drain the battery in your phone. I am happy and I use it very often, the battery stays above 15 hours. I see that currently in the specification you have information that you have bluetooth 5.0, is there any error or is there a newer version of force in the past?



BOUGHT these as a upgrade to my element mega speakers only cost £10 MORE worth extra for rugged build same sounds and they link to my mega speakers too sounds great on my bike ,have several idears on improvement
cree light bulbs on sides and back
illuminated controls
have all extras controlled by a app lights music etc
not only be best but leader in pack that stands out
call it
force 2 edc


Fantastic speaker.

This speaker is great. High-quality sound and is replacing two other speakers I have been using. After 15 minutes it will go into a sleep mode to save on battery. I like that it is wireless and can be paired with several sound outlets, used outdoors, which I will try when the weather warms up. Surround sound is great and sounds just as great or better than my soundbar with my TV. I would buy this again, it is high quality.


Big sound

I was very excited when I opened this on Christmas and it did not disappoint. I have a 25w speaker and I love it but I’d been wanting something with a little more power for when I want music outside with me when I work and this does that beautifully.
First off it looks great and feels very durable. I have not tried to drop test it (nor will I) but it feels very well made and if I do ever drop it, I don't think I’ll have anything to worry about. Same goes for it being waterproof. I’m sure I won't have to worry about any of that with how sturdy this thing is.
As for the sound it is big. It’s definitely a lot louder than the 25w one that I have and it should be since this one is 40w. I’m no audio nerd but to me, it sounds great and has really good bass for a speaker so small. Honestly, I didn't think it would have as much bass as it does but I’m very happy with it. It does have a few equalizer modes to make it sound how you want but personally, I like the default setting the best.
Other than that it is usb c which is really nice since that seems to be taking over as the industry standard for charging nowadays. Comes with an aux cable if you need it but Bluetooth is easier so I don’t really use that myself. Also has a ring on the side which is great for clipping it to your backpack if you’re on the go a lot like me. Was pretty pleased with this since that’s the main thing I didn’t have on my last speaker.
Overall, I’m really glad my wife got me this for Christmas and I’ve been using it constantly since then. Bottom line is it’s the best speaker I own and I’m pleased with it.


Love the size

The sound quality is awesome and portable!! Can't wait to try the waterproof feature during summer!!


Quality construction

I am seriously impressed with the sound quality of this, even considering the size. The construction seems sturdy and if it were to be in contact with water (not that I've tested that) it seems it will hold up well. Very excited to give this gift because it seems great!


Pretty good in the shower

Bought this because I didn't want to buy an expensive speaker to listen to in the shower. It is water proof as I have it in the shower and the sound is pretty good. Also took it out while I was grilling and the sound is pretty good outside as well.


Very clear sounds and good quality speaker

Works Great in water with clear sound and good material quality. Very stylish to carry and connection distance is great and Bluetooth connection is also still a wide range.


Easy Pairing

This well made a speaker with rich sound and three settings for Bass. The speaker provides watts of crisp sound and you can switch regular, 3d and extra bass. The speaker also a slot for sd micro and an auxiliary port. It took two days but their claim of 15 hours of continuous playing is true. There is also a buckle on the side of the speaker for carrying or attaching to your backpack and the speaker is waterproof. The built-in mic work great as a hands-free phone speaker. I would have given this 5 stars, but I couldn't test out the TWS (True Wireless Stereo), after trying several times to pair with my other Bluetooth speaker I took a break and counted to ten to make sure I had read the instructions correctly. I read the setup correctly but failed to realize you needed two Element Force speakers to make it work. I would suggest they put that into the product description because that was the selling point for me, " Wow I can pair both of my speakers now"


The BEST speaker out there!!

This is the most amazing sounding speaker that I’ve ever heard! The sound is crisp and clear and full. The EQ button makes the music sound like you’re in a concert hall. The speaker has amazing highs and great sounding bass. I’m so happy with this purchase!!


Rock Solid Portable Speaker

This is one Rock Solid Portable Speaker. I wasn't really expecting too much from this speaker maybe some quality to listen to my tunes but this speaker exceeded my expectations as far as sound quality. Even when I turned up the volume, I didn't get that typical sound distortion sound of degradation which was so very refreshing. The battery life is pretty good and I like the fact that I can advance tracks and pause just using the speaker unit. Since the speaker is water resistant, I use it while I'm in the shower to get my morning started right! I really like this speaker.


Nice and bass is amazing

It is a nice design and it is a heavy duty speaker, you can feel how great is the Material.
The sound comes is nice and clear.


Awesome sound

Love this speaker. I was wanting big sound in a little package and this speaker does not disappoint! We got it to listen to music in the shower and we will use it by the pool this summer. Works great was very easy to connect to all my devices. Holds a great charge.



This thing gets loud and has multiple EQ options :) Very very very satisfied! Don't turn it all the way up unless you're having a party haha!


Surprisingly great!

I bought this based on a recommendation from a coworker who owns the non-waterproof version of the same speaker. The sound is loud and crisp. It definitely outperforms the waterproof speaker that I currently own. Haven’t tested it’s waterproof capability but I won’t be using it in the shower nor the rain and it surely looks sturdy enough for any outdoor use.


Clear sound in a compact package

Looking for something compact enough for travel but with clear sound. This has both, great sound, compact enough to throw in my luggage & doesn't add a lot of weight to my bag. Looking forward to my next trip!


Great sound, portable and incognito look

I wanted a portable speaker to use with my phone during backyard bbq parties and this device fits the bill. It also easily connects thru Bluetooth to my echo device or iPhone. It looks sleek, very sturdy and being waterproof is a plus. The sound quality is great and the EQ button has 3 different sound settings for a little more boost. Overall very happy with this purchase.

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Altavoz Portátil Resistente al agua SoundPulse® de Element Force

  • Clasificación IPX7.
  • Bajos más Profundos.
  • Potente Salida de 40 W.
  • Emparejamiento Estéreo.
  • Efectos de Ecualización de Triple Bajo.

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